Horse gear. The tack room and care.

Let’s get straight to the point here. Your precious items of tack will more likely last the duration they were designed for with some basic care and attention to storage. The following tips may be helpful. Hang it up! thats right, if you have mecate’s, reins, leads, halters, spare girths they are worth hanging. Ideally, your pegs or hooks should be high enough so they don’t touch the floor. This deters dampness, dusty floors, vermin and allows the item to drape in a way that eliminates all manner of stress, folds, kinks, crimps etc.

Saddle pads should be dry if near your leather gear. If wet or sweaty, hang over a gate or rail to dry. Avoid draping them on top of your saddle if damp. Western and stock saddles are best stored in the same way they sit on a horse with the fenders or flaps and stirrups hanging either side.

if you’re not using your gear for an extended period try to get some air circulating where it is being stored. This will deter mould and mildew, however leather that has dirt or sweat in it is prone to gathering both. No worries, give it a clean and store as mentioned.

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