The Story

Hand braided gear for horse and rider is a skill I acquired during the early ‘90s when I was fortunate to spend time living on a working cattle ranch in California, USA. The events that led me to this ranch and braiding gear for the wider public began by following my love and passion for horses.

In Australia I had been a partner in an equestrian service and saddle company that conducted colt starting and horsemanship clinics around QLD and the Top End of Australia. Our philosophy was based on the knowledge of the “horse’s friend” Tom Dorrance.

To cut a long story short, I travelled to the States to meet the man who had influenced our horsemanship service in Australia. Once in the USA I found myself staying with Toms brother Bill and his wonderful family for several months.

​I would like to acknowledge and thank my friend and mentor the late Bill Dorrance, for his kindness and expertise, for taking the time to share with me his knowledge and passion for life, braiding, rawhide and roping. Also a big thank you to the wider Dorrance clan for their friendship and continued support over the years..

I am proud and very privileged to have braided  gear for some of the finest horsemen and women of our time and it is my pleasure to continue sharing my experience, knowledge and products with you all. Handmade and customised items are an investment in yourself and your journey with the horse ...

Thank you



More About db braiding

I offer decades of experience braiding quality gear for horse and rider. My horse gear is attractive to the eye and practical to use. I offer many options, styles and a vast colour range. Rawhide and kangaroo buttons and knots may be incorporated in your custom order. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. The 'soft feel and life' in my reins is something I have successfully achieved from when I first began braiding. My reins, mecates, tie ropes and leads have been utilised by myself and other horsemen and women for over 28 years. I still have the first mecate I ever made, which is still in fabulous nick but faded.

My knowledge and experience of horsemanship comes from a lifelong passion with the horse. This has always been my journey and includes spending time with other horsemen and women that have influenced and changed my life.

The desire to learn more about horses has also taken me to many corners of Australia and the world. During the 80's and 90's I worked on cattle stations in the vast Kimberley of WA and other outback properties in QLD and the Top End of this amazing country. I have travelled to Europe and the USA, mostly riding clients' colts and then helping them to gain confidence in their young horses.