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Customer REVIEWS

Stu Bell · September 5, 2017

I was so impressed with db braiding that l am telling all my friends about them.The quality of the workmanship and their ability to produce what was a thought in my head, was unbelievable.
I can recommend db braiding 
Cheers Stu

Cheryl Lee - Sept 22nd 2016

Thanks again for yet another beautiful mecate.. absolutely stunning work and the color and pattern is perfect !

Emma Bryant - January 25th, 2016

Well it was 15 years ago that i met a neighbour that hand braided reins. I thought the were beautiful so brougt a set of split reins. Years of life n moving went by. It Was a comment on a fb post regarding ray hunt last week that united me with Diana the maker of the reins i am still using the same set today. while we were at legacy ppl complemented on that pinnaple knot. Thats longevity 15yrs...

Brett Austin - August 22nd, 2015

Incredible craftmenship, prompt service on both occasions and accommodating to my requests. 
As a business owner myself, I know that a cheap job is never good and a good job is never cheap but the price you pay for these beautiful products represent incredible value for money.
Thank you and I look forward to investing in more reins in the future.

Anne Smyth: April 2020 So I should have put this post up quite a while back as the extremely talented and 'patient' Diana has been making my beautiful braided reins for a few years now - can't believe it has been that long! What can I say, I love my reins!! So much so, that I have a few sets Diana has always accommodated my 'special' requests and colour combinations and I can't thank her enough. Her work is amazing, the sign of a true artist. I've had plenty of other little goodies made along the way - I ask the question "can you do this?" and she is always so helpful and comes up with whatever I have asked for. Thank you Diana for decking me out in my colour matching gear...sending you a message now for my next request xox

Kristy Mackay: My partner and I Completed a braiding course with Diana and thoroughly enjoyed it! Diana is a great teacher and very thorough apart from learning lots we also had fun �

Serena Clarke: January 2020 Amazing work, made with love and will last a lifetime.

lKathie GRIFFIN: March 2021 Love the quality of the gear I have bought, just beautiful. I have many compliments on my mecate reins made by db braiding.

Also Diana is so great to deal with making my purchase so easy.

I did a braiding workshop with Diana as well and I must say that her passion and enthusiasm are highly contagious as I’m hooked. My gear isn’t as spectacular as my instructor but I shall be practicing heaps in the future. Thanks again K

Michelle Bennett: January 2020 Each of Diana's pieces is truly a work of art. She is so helpful and talented. Highly recommend.

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