Customer Testimonials

Stu Bell · September 5, 2017

I was so impressed with db braiding that l am telling all my friends about them.The quality of the workmanship and their ability to produce what was a thought in my head, was unbelievable.
I can recommend db braiding 
Cheers Stu

Cheryl Lee - Sept 22nd 2016

Thanks again for yet another beautiful mecate.. absolutely stunning work and the color and pattern is perfect !

Emma Bryant - January 25th, 2016
Well it was 15 years ago that i met a neighbour that hand braided reins. I thought the were beautiful so brougt a set of split reins. Years of life n moving went by. It Was a comment on a fb post regarding ray hunt last week that united me with Diana the maker of the reins i am still using the same set today. while we were at legacy ppl complemented on that pinnaple knot. Thats longevity 15yrs...

Brett Austin - August 22nd, 2015

Incredible craftmenship, prompt service on both occasions and accommodating to my requests. 
As a business owner myself, I know that a cheap job is never good and a good job is never cheap but the price you pay for these beautiful products represent incredible value for money.
Thank you and I look forward to investing in more reins in the future.