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Scroll down to view some original dbbraiding designs.
examples may give inspiration for your next custom made order.

NB: ALL photos & images are copyright property of dbbraiiding or shared images courtesy of the owners/photographers.

All hackamore and bosal's are built with rawhide cores. Your piece can be braided with 100% Australian Rawhide and/or kangaroo leather or a combination of both. ALL rawhide and leather string are prepared on farm/in house. from sustainably sourced hides. 

Custom orders usually take 4-6 weeks depending on post/shipping eg within Australia or overseas. 

Custom orders please use the contact page.

NB: A few original pieces may be found in the SHOP for immediate delivery

ALL prices are in $AUS


 Rawhide hackamore's & bosal's start from $720 

Kangaroo hackamore and bosal's from $680 

Custom order prices vary and may include one or more colours, the number of strands, buttons, knots, interweaves, fancy hangers etc are a few OPTIONS to consider.

Please use the contact page to discuss YOUR requirements.

Custom made hackamore & mohair mecate

Rawhide Hackamore with a kangaroo leather nose button and heel knot.

Matching hanger with braided buttons & knots.  A 100% Mohair mecate rein with dbbraiding signature heel knot completes this custom made original set up.


Image of handsome Joey aka Short of acres is courtesy of M Clark , Aust

Custom made Hackamore & mecate rein

Bess models a two tone Hackamore of kangaroo leather featuring a signature dbbraiding interweave in the nose button.

Matching hanger and mecate rein complete this lovely set up.

Image courtes y of L.Funk


Hackamore horse


Didge is sporting a kangaroo leather Hackamore braided in brandy & whiskey 

with a 

Latigo hanger

and a hand braided

 Mecate rein to complete the set.

Image courtesy A Fleming Aus


Rawhide Hackamore

16 strand body

28 strand nose button in Kangaroo leather with minimal interweave.

Latigo hanger with matching buttons & knots compliment this piece.

Rawhide romal start at $1500 depending on the complexity eg number of knots & barrels. Kangaroo romal start at $1350

Entry level harness leather Romans start from $660

Leather connectors are standard unless specified. 

Rawhide romal rein close up
Rawhide romal reins

Romal reins in Natural and coffee dyed rawhide.

This piece has braided connectors for the hobble and at the bit ends.

romal reins rawhide & kangaroo leather

Bosal ~ rawhide and kangaroo leather with hand braided mohair mecate.

Rawhide Romal with braided kangaroo buttons & knots.

A stylish two rein


Image courtesy of L Elliot riding

Remember Chisum aka Milo

Romal Reins

Example of dbbraiding Romal reins from left to right

Kangaroo leather - Rawhide with coffee dyed rawhide buttons & knots - Rawhide with kangaroo leather buttons & knots.



Entry level

Romal reins made from heavy harness leather featuring kangaroo leather buttons & knots.

Romal reins
romal reins and headstall

dbbraiding kangaroo leather and rawhide Romal rein  matching headstall.

Leather stitched headstall in collaboration w CBarr

Rawhide  buttons and knots by dbbraiding

Two rein setup

Underbridle Bosal braided in rawhide and kangaroo leather pictured here with matching mohair mecate.

Bosal, mohair mecate two rein set

Bosal in 8 strand kangaroo leather

Two tone throughout

Hackamore and mecate rein

Hackamore & matching hand braided Mecate rein featuring dbbraiding signature kangaroo leather heel knot

Kangaroo leather Hackamore with two tone body and matching mecate. 

Hackamore and hanger

12 strand hackamore in red kangaroo leather. The whiskey tone nose button is 28 strands featuring a dbbraiding signature interweave to match the heel knot + a matching hanger with red and whiskey braided knots.

Rawhide Hackamore with kangaroo nose button and heel knot.
Teamed with a matching hanger plus a hand braided mecate with signature rawhide braided heel knot to match the braided knots on the hanger

Rawhide hackamore and mecate rein
hackamore two tone kangaroo leather

Two toned kangaroo leather hackamore with interwoven heel knot.

Rawhide hackamore & kangaroo leather nose & heel knot


16 strand rawhide hackamore with natural tone nose button and matching heel knot.

Rawhide hackamore & kangaroo leather

12 strand rawhide hackamore and custom-made matching hanger.

This piece has a kangaroo leather nose button and heel knot

Both are interwoven with natural tones

Rawhide hackmore Kangaroo leather nose and heel knot

16 strand rawhide hackamore with a touch of coffee interwoven throughout the body.

Kangaroo leather nose button and heel knot

Short video:
showing various parts of the Hackamore. 

Mohair mecate also available split reins or loop reins

22ft Mohair Mecate - base price $640

6ft Split reins & loop reins - base price $400

Traditional, luxurious, hand braided 100% Australian mohair has the life and feel of no other fibre I have ridden with or braided. This fibre is as soft as butter but has great weight and is very durable.

My mohair mecate's are generally 12 or 8 strands to achieve a standard diameter to  suit a dbbraiding hackamore, bosal or under bridle/bosalita. They include a signature dbbraiding kangaroo leather heel knot.
Mecate's and reins are braided one strand at a time NOT twisted.

Custom ordered lengths and widths can be made to suit your requirements. 

Mohair mecate rein on slickfork saddle

Mohair Meacte rein



Mohair mecate rein

in Blue, charcoal and natural colours.

Mohair mecate rein and kangaroo leather hackamore

Custom order
Hackamore w 
Mohair Mecate in Blue, charcoal & Black


Mohair mecate and hackamore heel knot


Mohair mecate in brown and caramel with dbbraiding signature kangaroo leather braided heel knot


Custom order to suit a 9/16 kangaroo leather Bosal.


Mohair mecate rein in copper & brown paired with a custom order Hackamore and hanger.

Mohair mecate and hackamore
Hackamore and mohair mecate

Custom order Kangaroo leather Hackamore & hanger with matching mohair mecate rein.


Mohair mecate

colours are green, pale burnt sienna and black.

dbbraiding signature heel knot + button at the leather tail.

NB: colour swatches available on request


Mohair mecate rein

 22ft standard length.

Colours are Brown, pale burnt sienna and black.

dbbraiding signature heel knot and leather button at tail end.

550 Paracord Mecate reins, split reins & leads

dbbraiding offers a customised service to make you and your horse/s something original, attractive and functional.


There is always a small selection of hand braided original mecate & split reins available in the SHOP + slobber straps.

Options of 12 or 8 strand, colours and lengths are best discussed using the contact form.

ALL custom orders please use the CONTACT FORM or msg me on the dbbraiding FB page

Mecate rein paracord
Mecate rein
Mecate rein Paracord


Mecate rein 22ft in 8 strand 

Base price option for paracord has a matching paracord heel knot. This piece has a frayed end tassel.


Snaffle bit or hackamore mecate rein

Photo courtesy L.Dorrance

Hackamore & mecate rein
Mecate rein with horse hair tassle
Mecate rein Turquoise
Rawhide Hackamore and mecate rein

Paracord Mecate reins can be designed to suit any preference. 

Contact dbbraiding to discuss your style, colour or application by .

Split reins and slobber straps

Split reins in 550 paracord with dbbraiding signature leather braided heel knots  

Matching slobber straps lined & stitched were part of this custom order.

Split reins in Turquoise

Split reins in 550 paracord with dbbraiding signature kangaroo leather heel knots.

Horse wearing Hackamore and mecate rein set up

example of a full





paracord mecate

set up

Custom order Bosal & kangaroo leather mecate rein set with hanger

Kangaroo leather bosal with kangaroo leather mecate rein
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