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dbbraiding offers a customised service to make you and your horse something original and unique.

Pictured on these pages are a few recent examples.

There is a selection of ready made items available in the SHOP.

Visit the Instagram or Facebook pages to see the latest news, photos and of course my horses are also featured in some pictures PLUS videos to showcase not only what I use myself but some practical set up options. 

Mohair and leather Mecate reins are made with 100% Australian fibres.  

All other mecates, split reins and leads are braided with 550 parachute cord, the highest grade available from the USA.

ALL custom orders please use the CONTACT FORM.

Mecate reins

Base price $300

The mecate is a long rein and becomes a lead when used with a snaffle. The mecate may be used for everyday riding, for example, when getting off your horse to repair a trough or fence on the farm or when you want to lead another horse. Other uses for the mecate is when you pony a young horse and then swap to ride that youngster. I have also used my mecate to work a horse on the ground in the snaffle. 

The word mecate is Spanish for the rope on your hackamore, traditionally made from mane hair. When a mecate is used with a hackamore it is NOT for the same reasons that you would use it with a snaffle bit. Please note that the mecate has different applications in that situation. 

Please view the video on my facebook page showing how to set up your mecate on a snaffle bit using slobber straps.

Split Reins

Base price $240

Split reins are suitable for all types of riding. All my reins are designed to be attached to your snaffle bit with slobber straps. 

For over 25 years I have been making these reins for stockmen and women Australia wide.

Please view the video on my facebook page that demonstrates how to attach them to your bridle.

Halter Leads

Base price $80

Halter Leads are available in many colours and lengths and are most suited to a rope halter.

Leads also make lovely gifts for your equine friends and are available in a vast range of colours. These are an attractive addition to your tack room and may be customised to suit your requirements.

Please view the video on my facebook page showing how to attach a lead to the rope halter.

Contact me to discuss your braiding needs



Base price $480

Beautiful, luxurious, hand braided, 100% Australian mohair has the life and feel of no other fibre I have ridden with or braided. This fibre is as soft as butter. I braid my mohair mecates with 12 strands to achieve a standard diameter. to suit most riders. Custom orders for other lengths and widths can be made to suit your requirements. 

Contact me to discuss your needs.


More examples of my work


Custom designs

Examples of a few recent designs

Leather mecate reins

Mohair Mecate reins

Split Reins



Custom made gives you choice.

You will need to contact me to select the colour/s and length for all hand braided gear.


Mecate options to consider

Mecate reins are  available in a range of colours & options. Some of these may include kangaroo lace heel knot, leather popper with kangaroo lace detail button and longer than 22ft in length.
NB please be specific and/or ask Q's if unsure.


Rein options to consider

All reins start at the base price of $250, this includes choice of two colours, turks head knots and leather poppers.

Extra's include colours, fancy buttons and knots ...please be specific when ordering.

Q's ...I can help you


Halter lead options to consider

Halter leads are available in many colours, widths and lengths. Contact me to discuss your needs.

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