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Horsemanship Services

It is my pleasure to be able to share my lifelong experience with you.

"I can't teach you anything, but if you're willing to listen, I can help you learn" (TD).

If you are in the area, I am now offering my experience and knowledge to help you on your horsemanship journey. Sessions cater for individual, one on one tuition with your horse. 

Contact me to book a session with your horse and to discuss your ability and intention. 

Sessions are generally for riders who are able to walk and trot their horse in a controlled way.

Wether it be for work, pleasure or competition, my focus will be on improving your relationship with your horse, at your pace with full respect of your requirements.

Horsemanship Services: About Us

Advice tailor-made for your needs


Work or pleasure


Lifetime of experience

Horsemanship Services: Services

Being grounded is important to me.


"Follow your bliss"
~Joseph Campbell

Horsemanship Services: Recent Work
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