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Horsemanship Services

If you are passionate about a better relationship with your equine partner this might be for you. Diana and Chris are both experienced horse people who work as a team sharing their lifetime passion and knowledge as educators and horse people. This collaboration offers hands on experience to help you on your horsemanship journey. Sessions cater for individuals or groups in a learning environment with your horse/s. The focus is to gain a better understanding and a willing communication with your horse.

Braiding workshops also available.


Contact dbbraiding for more information Please note day sessions and weekends are within South East Qld area.  

Horsemanship sessions
Braiding workshop NT

dbbraiding  workshop

Darwin. NT Australia

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<--- Variety and spontaneity are at the core of learning, understanding, retaining and working with horses & people. 

Equine assisted therapy with youth

 Workshop sessions with horses and youth; building trust through positive connections. 

equine therapy with young people
Horse & rider bridleless session
Colt starting, yielding

Horsemanship & colt starting             Tasmania, Australia

Horsemanship ride Tasmania

Horsemanship sessions

Colt starting sessions

Braiding workshop

Tasmania Australia

Braiding workshop, tutorials in Tasmania
Diana, horse & cattle

Diana & Billy Old Australia

Ranchers Days Carmel Valley USA Cal

Diana & Mollie Dorrance

Ranch Roundup - Carmel Valley ,Cal USA

Hackamore workshop Anstead Acres 2023

Introduction to the Hackamore  workshop 

Anstead Acres QLD Australia.

Horsemanship, horse safety, colt starting Mistake ck station NT

HORSE SAFETY and Horsemanship workshop


Nelson Springs Mistake creek Station. NT

Grid below = Riding out with station hands, mustering cattle, low stress cattle handling,. Horsemanship,   horse safety shoeing and tack maintenance.

Horsemanship, safety, drafting horses. NT
CHris and Little bull
Australian Plaiting Champion 2024

Chris has a natural ability with horses. 
He's a master craftsman, 
Australian plaiting Champion x 10, rawhide braider & gear maker.

Horses & learning sessions young people


Students learning the basic skills to ride out on the trail with control of their horses. Pictured her with Diana 


 Warumungu country Tennant Creek NT 

Central Australia 

Diana with horses
Diana & Tom

Diana shares a lifelong passion for horses, art and the land having travelled and worked throughout the Australian outback and abroad.

Horse and rider
Colt starting first ride

Engagement exercise building confidence with young people.     Chris working with Gina Howard starting her young horse.

Warumungu country Tennant Creek NT Central Australia

Being grounded is important to me.

Diana and her 2 Horses lying relaxed on the ground in pasture

"Follow your bliss"
~Joseph Campbell

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